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About Dukkah

Dukkah can be served with warmed ciabatta, a crusty french stick, a flavoursome focaccia or just a simple pitta or flat bread. 
Dip the bread into oil (I use an extra virgin olive or locally produced rapeseed), then dunk into the dukkah. 
The blended nuts, seeds and spices are tasty, healthy and very more-ish. Almonds & hazelnuts provide a hugely nutritious base, sesame and various super seeds for crunch and texture and then spices for the real flavour punch. 

Serve it straight from the tub or to release even more of the aromatic flavours, dukkah can be gently toasted in a dry pan prior to serving. 

It also makes a great snack served with sticks of carrot/cucumber/cheese too for a good gluten free option. Used as a crispy coating for fish cakes, cheese bites or chicken goujons, our Dipping Sand is a gluten free alternative to  breadcrumbs. 

As an ingredient, dukkah can add magic to your cooking….sprinkle it, bake it, rub it or coat it….!
Have a look at our serving page for more ideas. 

Interestingly, the Australian, New Zealand & South African delis are well stocked with dukkah brands, with its use in these regions well known and it really is a kitchen staple.  I have many website enquiries from Aussies living here and desperate to get their “dukkah fix” (like I said…it’s very more-ish!!).  The UK is gradually picking up pace and the dukkah revolution is on it’s way….

How it all began

I first came across dukkah many, many footloose years ago when travelling through North Africa. In amongst the mesmerising smells and bustle of the Morrocan street markets I came across dukkah served as a dip with flat breads & oil and I was hooked. 
So simple and yet so tasty. 
Little did I know at the time just how much impact my “year out” would have this far along my path. 
Ever since, I have been making and serving dukkah blends to friends and family as an easy starter or nibbles with evening drinks….bread, oil, dukkah dip. (…..sit, sip, dip….).  


After countless times of being asked for the recipe or to make more for them to take home, I began tubbing it and decided to actually label a few pots. I nervously popped in to one of my local farm shops to introduce myself and my “Dipping Sand” dukkah and asked if they would be willing to try it on the shelves. I was absolutely delighted but even more shocked by their response of purchasing the box full (…and totally amazed when they phoned a couple of weeks later to say they had sold out). My first orders taken 3 years ago, its grown from there into 6 different blends stocked in over 60 retailers and supplying catering wholesalers & recipe delivery companies. I began based from home and making it all in our family kitchen but due to volume of orders have recently moved production into a dedicated unit in nearby village Goldsithney.