Oak Serving Boards - The Perfect Dukkah Platform | The Dukkah Company Cornwall

Oak Serving Boards - The Perfect Dukkah Platform

Our serving boards aren’t just any boards….

They are British Oak serving boards crafted by local shipwright Giles Gilbert. We were delighted to get such a craftsman working on this project for us.Based in Newlyn, Cornwall, Giles’ vast experience working with wood has been gained across Europe on numerous restorations and new builds of wooden boats.

The oak is sustainably sourced and was sawn locally by Jo Sawmills (http://www.josawmills.co.uk) in Mabe, Cornwall. It is as close as possible to “quarter sawn” giving our boards a very straight grain that is more dimensionally stable and less prone to warping.

We chose oak for the boards as it has a very attractive grain, is a heavy and very hard wood, with good resistance to moisture penetration and great longevity.

Made exclusively for us, each board is a single piece individually hand crafted & finished in food safe mineral oil. We have laser etched each board with our Dukkah logo just to add an extra little Dukkah Co. touch to your serving table. 

A true piece of British craftsmanship that will become a well loved part of your kitchen for years to come. 

Caring for your board:

The boards should always be stored upright to air both sides and dried in the same way.

Never soak them in water and oil them regularly (a food safe mineral oil is ideal).