TRADE | The Dukkah Company Cornwall


Retailers, Chefs, Bakers & Wholesalers….if you would like to spread our dukkah magic to your customers please do get in touch.


We currently have over 60 great delis & farm shops stocking our range and are looking to spread the dukkah magic even further. We can supply shelf cards for point of sale and detailed information for staff members to support sales.

If you are interested in stocking our retail tubs please do get in touch, telling us a little about your shop too.


Simple, tasty & new, dukkah makes a great addition to bread & oil starters or sharing platters. All of our dukkahs are available in 500g & 1kg packs ready to add to your starter menus. Used as a coating or seasoning for meats or fish dukkah makes a great gluten free option. We are always keen to hear from you so please do get in touch to discuss our different blends & delivery options.


We supply catering packs of 500g / 1kg to catering & food service wholesalers. We are also able to supply larger batches or blend dukkahs to specific recipes.

Please do contact us, tell us a bit more about your business and we can discuss options.