CRISPY DUKKAH CHICKEN | The Dukkah Company Cornwall



2-3 Chicken breasts 
1 tub Dukkah @65g (here I’m using my aromatic, “Dipping Sand” blend with coriander, cumin & fennel). 
1 x 150g tub natural yoghurt. 
1 dollop of cream cheese. 
Squeeze of  fresh lemon. 
Oil for frying.

As a coating for fish or meat, dukkah gives a very tasty, gluten free crunch and adds good nutrition with its seeds and nuts too. 
(for a dairy free alternative, beaten egg can be used instead of the natural yoghurt for coating the chicken). 

Cut the chicken breasts into strips, season with salt & black pepper and then coat with ¾ tub of yoghurt. Leave to marinate for 20 mins. 

Make the dip:
2 teaspoons natural yoghurt mixed well with 2 teaspoons cream cheese & seasoned with a squeeze of fresh lemon and black pepper. 

Now the chicken is ready to roll into the dukkah for it’s tasty coating. Gently press the dukkah in to ensure good coverage. 
Time now to fry them (deep frying is ideal to keep the temperature even all round) for @3-5 minutes depending on how thick the strips are)
…and enjoy them!